Thursday, 18 February 2021

Where the Water tastes like Wine

Tough luck if you dislike wine.

In this strange walking simulator, you are tasked with collecting stories all across the USA to then "use" on other travelers to unlock their stories, which is the main challenge as not only do they wander around but they ask for specific types of tales before sharing their own.

You run into all sorts of things!

That bit is interesting enough, though I did wish they had a female voice actor for some of the lines. Unfortunately the walking bit - which is both tedious and the main part of the game - is quite slow despite having options for a temporary boost or hitch hiking. What did grab me was the fantastic sound track to the game... some of which I'm already learning!

Unfortunately it's not enough to earn a recommendation. I give it two dire wolves out of five.

Insight: Always scout nearby points of interest before heading to a camp so you have more story options. Remember to check your "I"nventory to swap stories around too.

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