Sunday, 14 February 2021

Shadowrun Collection

D&D... in the future!

If you ever wanted to play a spell casting elf who also happens to wield a shotgun or a cybernetically enhanced troll who controls deadly remote drones in a world where dragons are fought with attack helicopters loaded with magic missiles (that is modern day missiles enhanced with magic) then this might be your jam, chummer!

With the shutdown of Shadowrun Online (aka Boston Lockdown), this collection is your best bet in experiencing this action adventure RPG which makes heavy use of tactical combat (XCOM fans rejoice) and actually contains three full games!

Shadowrun Returns is the first, where upon investigating the death of an acquaintance you get more than you bargained for in a plot involving a serial killer and a crazy cult.

Don't get flanked!

Shadowrun: Dragonfall takes place in Berlin where upon investigating the death of a team mate leads to being hunted by a shadowy organization, in a storyline that has multiple endings based on your choices. The HUD and player controls are much improved here.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong (and the bonus campaign that comes with it) sees you investigate the disappearance of a father figure, which leads to being hunted by the police force, and ultimately an evil god from another plane in another choice filled campaign. The HUD improves again here, and fun hacking mini-games are introduced.

Each is better than the last, so I recommend playing in that order even if they aren't really connected to each other. Also be aware that you can only create your main character. In Returns you need to hire people to fill out your team while the remaining two provide a squad for you (though you can still outsource if you want).

Only main downside to them is there is a LOT of reading. Still, highly recommended I give it (in game order) 3-4 black ICs out of 5.

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