Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Kingdom: Classic and New Lands

Nothing lasts...

Kingdom: New Lands

As monarch in a land filled with vagrants, it is up to you and your coin purse to put people to work on building a boat to escape and the defenses to survive each night against greedy monsters (known as "Greed") who want to rob you and your subjects of all their material goods.

While the controls are very simple there is actually quite a bit of gameplay that is unexplained which is a bit of a downer. There is also a good amount of idling at the start when you are still trying to get your capital flowing and the idea that you just need to keep running from the monsters kinda sucks. Still an interesting look into this series, I give it two and a half forests out of five.

Insight: Towers (built on rocks) are not as good as hiring a lot of archers and upgrading your walls. Also vagrant camps and trading posts only exist if they have trees around them, so don't go nuts with deforestation.

Just another day in the Kingdom...

Kingdom: Classic

As the king or queen in this minimalist side scroller, you are tasked with building and expanding a kingdom while keeping your subjects safe from greedy terrors at night. Indeed, unlike New Lands, your ultimate goal here is to destroy the greed portals - which is epic!

While most things work the same as New Lands, there are slight differences but all of them are easy enough to work around. It does require a good amount of patience though, as really there is a point of no return when you start attacking.

If you can't handle the counter attack, expect to be starting  again as it will be very hard to recover from that position. Still fun though! I give it three farms out of five.

Insight: Go slow when upgrading your camp as the daily tax chest money really dries up once you hit stone buildings. You need a literal army ready before you start attacking the greed.

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