Monday, 8 February 2021

GTFO: R4B3 - Chrysolite (Normal)

Its time to drop back down and uplink into three terminals! We brought the same gear as last time: DL (dmr/sniper/mines), Jim (dmr/combat shotty/cfoam), and me (autopistol/machine gun/cfoam). If you want to follow this as a walkthrough, I suggest using the first terminal you find to QUERY all the terminals you need - ensuring one is in Zone 40 and restarting if it is placed in Zone 41 (harder hold).

Quietly clear your way to the bulkhead room which is near your starting spot, and plug the bulkhead key into the lock - for a change the key is usually right beside it! Once done, continue clearing until you have a choice between opening the Normal bulkhead, or doing a locked class II cluster security door. Do the security door first (the key is around nearby), ensuring to close the single door leading into this chamber.

No ice on the door for a change, just a mine instead. We cleared circles while fighting with my auto pistol taking point to slow the horde. Once the circles are finished our fall back spot is up the stairs to let them advance through the narrow bridge / kill zone.

Once done, you can go in there and clear out all the rooms as per normal (small chance of a scout) and you will find two terminals, one of them being required for the mission. DO NOT DO THIS ONE YET.

Instead, go through the bulkhead this time and follow the right wall. Open the small door, clear the room and then still following the right wall open that big door which leads into a tiny foyer with a locked security door. Continue following the right wall, opening doors to "save" them while clearing. Be sure to clear the center area too (high chance of scout). You can skip opening/clearing zones F and G if there's nothing you need there though.

There are two terminals in the area. One in an upstairs/downstairs room to the North, and one you would would have found early to the East. Either one has three doors to hold. Hopefully you get the North terminal, in which case ice and mine the two upstairs doors (they rarely go downstairs). The enemies will prioritize coming from the upper Eastern one. If you have the East terminal, ice all the doors (except the big one to the security scan which you should leave open).

Tip: Before starting, type in UPLINK_VERIFY then press enter. Nothing will happen, but now you can arrow up to get the command back which saves some time. So, UPLINK_CONNECT [IP address] then UPLINK_VERIFY [the four letter word that matches the code displayed on your HUD - note you cannot see these while typing on the terminal so ESC out as required.] Each mission terminal here requires four codes, and baddies will be spawning once you connect.

Once done, clear the remaining scum - preferably using the joust method (sprint at them with a hammer swing and continue running past, if you hear an attack coming turn 20 degrees and/or jump - then once clear turn around and go again) then its on to the Zone 40 security door - hopefully you found the key card by now. If you somehow got Zone 41, then you need a cell instead to power the North security instead. Good luck. Both doors hold a class III alarm.

The Zone 40 hold is simple, its a tiny room with one big door so mine and ice the door until the circles are done, wait for the door to break and stun em with the autopistol then run through them. Then it's back to jousting (but shoot the giants).

Beyond that (40 or 41) is standard fare clearing (guaranteed scout) and for z40, clear everything. Hopefully the terminal is in the big room instead of the adjacent one as it's easier to defend the big one (the small Western door is the priority). If you get the tiny room adjacent, you should ice the door North of the terminal and the one heading West. Hold until codes are done then joust again.

Finally, return to the very first terminal I told you to skip. This one is simpler if the terminal is in the furthest room as there's only one door to hold, but ours was outside so we iced the East door and Jim and DL would simply guard against the other four. We made a mistake here in that after finishing the last code, we stuck around to fight - INSTEAD YOU NEED TO GTFO.

So I got downed while jousting, Jim got lost and got pinned elsewhere, but DL made it back to the extract spot to "pass over" the exit circle. Lucky its a fast one. He only needed to make four or five circuits through the bulkhead key chamber to win the mission. Despite Jim and I being down, it also counted as a win for us! Excellent!

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