Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Platform Fever 2: Stick to the Ascendant Cave Story


A relaxing rogue-like?

This action platformer sees you fight through randomly rooms of enemies and bosses until you finally ascend. Thankfully it plays pretty quickly and has a very handy map to help you out as any death means restarting from scratch.

Fortunately, the tutorial is really good and lets you practice the numerous abilities available to you. The knock back mechanic is the best though, as it lets you whack enemies into each other or into deadly spikes!

During the course of a run you will also be picking up currency and upgrades to help you out. Despite lacking in depth it is definitely fun and well animated, and worth a look if you are into this sort of thing. I give it two flies out of five.

Insight: Despite having less life to begin with, Theseus is the better choice of the initial two characters.

Stick it to the Man!

That's one way to get super powers...

What starts as an ordinary day in paper town all changes after getting you get hit on the head, waking to find a spaghetti arm that has the ability to grapple onto pins, read minds and influence people with stickers!

Just what stuff in there using your third hand...

I wasn't taken by the art style in this platform puzzler to start with but the well written and well voiced humor got me hooked right away. Nothing in it is overly challenging, though you might need some lateral thinking to solve some bits. I'm surprised I liked it as much as I did - highly recommended, I give it two and a half scary ghost girls out of five.

Insight: Always use green pins as soon as you find them to open up fast travel options.

Cave Story+

Has a pretty good story!

This fun adventure platformer is fantastic and easy for even platforming newbies to enjoy (provided you pick the correct difficulty) and spins a wonderful tale with complete world building. I found myself stuck an entire afternoon simply because I wanted to see how it ended, and like any decent game - there are multiple variations of that.

Some cute characters and some surprising plot!

Game design is also well done in that it introduces you to basic enemies who then slowly gain more abilities as you advance through the areas, and it helps that most are cutesy critters. Boss fights also use mechanics that you actually are being trained for from the mooks prior to their chambers. Definitely a must play, I give this five Curly Braces out of five.

If you jump and shoot down with a leveled up machine gun, it can act as an additional "booster" to keep you air borne longer.

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