Saturday, 6 February 2021

Platform Fever: Goodnight Pikuniku 20XX

When you are tired of 3D!


Introduces baskick to the world!

In this puzzle platformer you play as a red long legged creature who is easily roped in to solving everyone's problems. The graphics are simple but quite cute but what really irritates me is the amount of backtracking involved.

It's very colorful!

That and the need to kick things. A lot. No matter how "nice" you want to be, if you want to solve stuff and progress through the game you need to kick things/people. Oh well, it might be worth a look to some but alas this one isn't for me. 1.5 baskicks out of 5.

Insight: Kick the spider to advance.

Goodnight, Lily

A simple nightmarish platformer.

This short platformer certainly feels like someone's pet project due to the simplicity and length. In it, you must navigate through the single path to reach the end - using the light of a lantern to keep away shadowy hands out to get you (and for some reason has no effect on the chasing wall of hands in the last level).

Multiple checkpoints keep the game playable so death isn't such a big deal and structurally the levels are designed with in built tutorials before really testing your skills, which is good. Unfortunately the checkpoints aren't retained if you quit the game though so you must win this in one sitting (or pause the game if you walk away).

Not really one I recommend, but if you are curious it is free on steam. I give it one and a half webbed flowers out of five.

Insight: You can short cut some of the going down sections by falling right at the edge and moving in the direction to get underneath your current platform.


A forever platformer!

Random robot monsters are on the loose and its up to a dynamic duo, contracted by some really scummy scientists, to make it through the randomized platformer levels of ever increasing difficulty to defeat the bosses... in a random order! Did I mention the game is random? Because it is.

Random boss clown because randomness is cool apparently?

It's also super repetitive because if you die during a run, guess what - you get to start from scratch (though you can grind up some permanent upgrades with enough runs)! An interesting concept for sure but is it one that actually works? Maybe if I was more of a die hard platform fan, who are the only group I can recommend this game to. For everyone else, stay away. One robot bat out of five.

Insight: The vertical options of the levels often lead to bonus chests. If you are just after the boss just try to keep going right.

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