Saturday, 20 February 2021

Wanted: Killerman

Two stupid movies but only one is entertaining.


Gives physics the middle finger.

Wesley (James McAvoy) is a nobody who keeps getting pushed around until he is recruited by a group of assassins who reveal he actually has crazy physics defying firearm abilities.

Angelina Jolie as eye candy always gets a thumbs up!

Becoming amazing at killing people is how he takes back control of his life, but its the process that is most entertaining - even though the ballistics are quite laughable. That's part of the fun! If you are looking for a not too serious action flick, this might be for you. I give it two and a half bullet bends out of five and yeah, I'd watch it again.


They really wanted to keep that title.

Moe (Liam Hemsworth) is good at laundering money, but not so good at keeping his friends from making stupid, dangerous and life altering decisions which puts him in everyone's cross hairs. For an action crime movie, there's not a lot of action and a pretty low body count. It does have loads of "traversal" filler padding though of Moe goes here. Then here. Drives here. All with no dialogue meaning all of it could have been cut from the film.

My biggest problem with this is that for the majority of the film, I didn't really care about any of the characters. Drug dealers and assholes who enable them by laundering their cash are the "heroes"? They can all die in a fire like the worthless pieces of shit they are as far as I'm concerned. Worthless movie and a waste of time. One dirty cop out of five.

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