Wednesday 10 February 2021

Because Girls are Better: Ava, Enola Holmes and the Queen's Gambit

Well, they're better when they are actually written that way...

Enola Holmes

Too talkative for her own good.

When Mrs. Holmes suddenly vanishes, her abandoned daughter Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) decides to go find her after her two older brothers (Sherlock and Mycroft) prove to be less than helpful. While it has an okay plot and decent acting this flick did annoy me with its constant fourth wall breaking.

At least Millie Bobby Brown seems to be having fun.

I don't mind when Deadpool does it, but it just felt so out of place here... and it just gave me a negative feeling every time Enola would do it. Ah well, maybe it better works on this films intended audience, so if that sounds like you give it a try. For everyone else, eh - you can probably find something better on. One and a half flowers out of five.


Also too talkative for her own good.

An assassin (Jessica Chastain) who keeps breaking the rules of her employer soon finds that she is next on the target list. The plot is predictable and the action pieces are ok, but it feels like the producers tried to remake John Wick with a female lead and a small scale... it doesn't work.

Nor did it need to. The writers went out of their way to really give flaws to all the main characters and it could have been interesting if they did something other than copy what had been done before. As it is though this is a bit of a miss for me, but still an ok movie for action fans with nothing else to watch. Two addictions out of five.

The Queen's Gambit

Teaches a bit of chess on the side.

Orphaned at a young age, Beth (Anya Taylor-Joy) discovers a passion for chess and substance abuse. While that combination doesn't earn her many friends, it does drive her to become the best at her sport which is the main plot of this one season series.

Definitely a beautiful series and one we were very engaged in, even though we didn't quite like Beth's flaws (but hey, that's required for character development right). Worth watching and one I can recommend. Strangely, this story about chess is far better than the above two films! I give it three and a half rooks out of five.

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