Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Ready Player One

"How many cameos CAN we fit in here?"

The future sucks so bad that everyone prefers to live in the virtual world of "OASIS", whose creator has hidden a key of the twilight golden easter egg within which will grant whomever finds it first, total control of the virtual world and a fair bit of cash in the real world too. Naturally our heroes are the ones on the quest for this holy grail.

And there's always time for dancing in any quest...

A good chunk of this movie (75%?) is all pretty good quality CGI since it takes place in the game, and since people can make their avatars look like anything you are treated to so many cameos that I'm surprised the movie didn't sink purely from copyright battles. Other than that, the plot is pretty predictable skipping a huge potential twist I would have liked to see (you might have the same feeling when you watch it).

Another negative is they try make "real stakes" and "real danger" in the "real world" but I pretty much didn't care. The main character barely did. Despite that it's still a fun movie without much depth. But hey, that's kinda how I like my action adventure stories! I give this three players out of five, and would watch it again.


  1. I was curious if you'd read the book and whether you liked the movie or book better. I've heard from people who liked the book or the movie better, but I haven't heard from people who liked both.

    1. Alas your search will continue as I didn't even know there was a book! :P