Saturday, 27 June 2020


Unlike any other! Well, its like those other two...

This online "card" game involves the stock standard notion of having two people duel using their potentially customized cards to deploy units and basically hurt their opponent. If this sounds like Hearthstone it sort of is, but Faeria includes a hexagonal land creation component that also somewhat steals from Magic the Gathering.

The land tiles do add some tactics though, as your forces can only spawn on tiles you generated - and in some cases can only spawn if you generated enough of a particular color. Then they have to physically march across (in turn based fashion) to take down your enemies. It's good fun!

Some levels are also just straight out puzzles.

One I can recommend for people who like this sort of game, it's just annoying that there's the online shop has such a prevalent presence on the main hub. I give it 2.5 yaks out of 5.

Insight: You can spawn land adjacent to your controlled lands OR adjacent to one of your creatures. This means get a friendly near your opponent and you can setup a spawn point to assault him from.

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