Friday 14 May 2021

Remnant: from the Ashes

Since the latest update of GTFO: Rebirth is giving us connection / drop issues for all the level B maps, we voted to move on to this game until GTFO can get its act together. Our starting setup is as follows: DL as the hunter, Jim as the ex-cultist and myself as the scrapper. A perfectly balanced team... or is it? :P

Chapter 1 - Shroud
Chapter 2 - Mangled Root Mother
Chapter 3 - Singe
Chapter 4 - Weapon Upgrades
Chapter 5 - Claviger's Hive
Chapter 5 - The Undying King
Chapter 6 - Queen of the Butts
Chapter 7 - Zombie Onslaught
Chapter 8 - Flaming Totem
Chapter 9 - Sweet Dreams Mothra

This story has ended! Thank you for reading!

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