Sunday 16 May 2021

Remnant: from the Ashes - Mangled Root Mother

[Part of our Remnant from the Ashes story]

After another set of tunnels with root sleeping on the ceiling and annoying teleporting screamers (that summon more root, target them first), its not long before we find a woman "the Root Mother" waiting for us at a church. She wants to help us locate the founder but first must detatch herself from the root tendrils attached to her. The monsters react poorly to this, beginning a two minute defense mission where all we really have to do is draw aggro and dodge roll. Once she is free she kills everything and tells us to find "the labyrinth" as well as upgrades our dragon hearts to have four uses (up from three) each. In the church basement, DL also gets his hands on a sniper rifle (everyone does actually since all loot goes to each player).

The Root Mother gets a merchant stall back in Ward 13.

The explorable city then branches out considerably patrolled by gun toting root soldiers. This makes it much less scary since they don't teleport and have predictable movement patterns of running to cover. If things don't teleport or spawn out of hiding/nowhere, its easy to control the area. While exploring we also fight the Mangler mini-boss, who looks like a round tumbleweed who rolls around and summons the weak, fat goblin things. At half health it grows in size and... well, that's it really. So basically at half health it becomes easier to target. A super simple fight.

Doing this gives us access to some sort of storage zone, where Jim gets himself an assault rifle. He's also traded out his coach gun for a shotgun like mine, meaning the big root guys with swords have little chance us we stagger them a lot.

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