Sunday, 23 May 2021

Remnant: from the Ashes - Claviger's Hive

[Part of our Remnant from the Ashes story]

Our trail of destruction across Rhom continues as we push forward to the tower of the Undying King and our first major hurdle is some dude with a radioactive beehive on his head. Aptly named "The Hive", he is a bullet sponge that gets slightly faster the more hurt he is. He also has a hell of a SLAP so if you see him raise his hand, dodge away. Like everything else in the game, melee swings go through walls so be careful. 

Apart from launching bees he also calls radioactive explosive adds who we countered by summoning dogs. Radiation is a big thing on Rhom since I guess they got nuked? Really doesn't explain the giant floating skulls though. Anyway, best strategy for the Hive is lead him down one wing, cross the central chamber and lead him down the other wing. Fighting in the center is a poor choice strategy wise as you obviously will get surrounded.

It took us a few goes until finally DL won after Jim and I were KO-ed. In co-op mode, if you can't use a heart on a downed ally in time the only way to get them back is resting at a campfire. That is a fair mechanic and one exploited by the next boss - a giant root thing that summons Goa'uld on a floating platform. This bastard - "Claviger" - was VERY tough and managed to knock Jim off the platform early on our successful run, meaning DL and I couldn't revive him during the fight. Basically it is just a big wizard who likes hiding in a force field. To turn off the shield, destroy the orbs on either side and then you can shoot him - but only if you can counter his attacks of which there are three.

Bring ammo packs and heavy water.

When he summons, we just summoned (dogs) too and kill the adds before returning focus fire on him. When he does his special beam cannon just... walk? It doesn't move very fast so blast him while doing so. His last attack is actually the first he uses - orb shooting. This is both painful and annoying and it took Jim and I some time to get the timing down. You don't actually have to dodge, but its safer to. Also don't rely on the four pieces of cover on the platform as they get wiped out by Claviger pretty quickly. After a painful fight (and many attempts of it) we finally get through and reach the door of the Undying King's tower. It's about time!

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