Friday 28 May 2021

BDO: Hired Muscle

[Part of my Adventures in Black Desert Online]

With not much else to do at Velia I headed on South to the next city of Heidel and find representatives of two merchant factions having an argument over trade contracts in town. Since I get roped in to helping one of them, I pick the one whose representative is a hot chick the esteemed Lady Isobele and promptly get employed as her muscle.

Pretty good graphics for an MMO.

My first tasks involve carrying crates from point A to point B, clearing a road of more imps and then finding proof that the opposing merchant guild is actually supporting the nearby rebels (by killing them, naturally).

With proof in hand and Lady Isobelle's trade contract secured I am then sent off to the swamp town of Gilsh to handle the local froglodyte population who have made it a habit to ambush trade caravans. After "a pleasant conversation with their prince, they agree to stop" (aka I wrecked their homes, killed over a hundred of them and annihilated their leader). I'm now level 37.

Insight: Aggroing a bunch of enemies and then backing off usually makes them cluster into a single group in front of you, making it faster to hit all of them. Crowd control abilities are quite useful.

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