Monday 17 May 2021

Remnant: from the Ashes - Singe

[Part of our Remnant from the Ashes story]

Our city exploration leads us to a main road guarded by the root dragon, Singe, whose glowing weak spot is right in the chest. This dragon likes throwing fireballs, using flamethrower breath and if you get too close, Dragon-no-Jutsu. It also summons pyromaniac root that love immolating themselves and the numerous oil spills on fire. Again these are annoying, but they are also actually our ammo supply. That said, we did need to use packed ammo crates and a few other consumables (adrenaline) for this fight so prepare accordingly.

Going up close was no good, so we opted to do the opposite of Shroud's tactic. Since the dragon is strong up close, we stayed back and shot it while moving from cover to cover. That's a necessity since the dragon actually destroys cover (to make up for its poor aim at range)! It is a long fight in which Jim and DL do most of the dragon slaying, while I stick to mob control and harvest duty (shotgun and hammer not great at a distance). I also serve as reviver since not hurting the dragon means it doesn't look at me as much. Just a reminder you can only pick up allies by using one of your own dragon hearts on them!

Anyway it is a LONG but safer battle, and Jim crafts a flamethrower pistol from the piece we carve from its corpse. Just beyond is a massive, translucent tower which turns out to be the labyrinth we are searching for. Teleporting inside we are greeted by the Keeper of the Labyrinth who allows us passage through the doors... which lead everywhere! Except most are locked so really there's only one way to go... to the world of Rhom.

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