Sunday, 30 May 2021

BDO: Cure All

[Part of my Adventures in Black Desert Online]

Since I did such a good job last time, Isobelle lets me take a short vacation to take in the sights at the quiet village of Olvia which seems to be a fantastic place to settle down. In addition, there's some sort of water festival happening down at the beach with tons of people (players) fishing at the shore.

As I naturally hate fishing, I quickly returned to Lady Isobelle in time to escort her caravan to resupplya cliff side stronghold which is under attack by harpies. Pushing through there we arrive at the Northern Plantation where Isobelle suddenly collapses from some sort of poison.

Shai are short and cute mouse type people.

I set off to the Shai village of Florin, also known for its herbalists and cures and they agree to help. In exchange I do random chores for them, such as collecting herbs and timber, hopping on bellows and repairing roofs. They also get me to cull the masked owl tribe (literally humanoid owls wearing masks) to harvest their spleens... for science? O_O

Insight: I love that there are so many little optional mini-games scattered pretty much everywhere.

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