Monday, 4 January 2021

GTFO: R4A2 - Foster (Overload)

Today we're revisiting the easiest map of this rundown to do the hardest optional mission. To recap, you should have already done the Normal version of R4A2, have the second CRYO objective just meters from extraction and have unlocked the extreme bulkhead. Yep, that's not a typo... you need to clear the very same chambers to reach the second lock option. It's at this point that you need to find the next bulkhead key and use it on the nearby mechanism to unlock the Overload bulkhead, which is an error alarm.

This means after the team scan, you will have waves of four sleepers spawning and coming at you every minute or so for the rest of the mission. These can show up from any direction, including ahead of you - past closed doors. While this is happening you need to navigate three rooms in, past around three scouts (occasionally two in the same room), reach the terminal and type in DISABLE_LIFE_SUPPORT then get back to the extraction spot (or find the next bulkhead key, unlock the extreme objective and complete that for a prisoner efficiency badge).

Despite getting good at stealth bopping scouts, what actually worked for us in the end was simply going loud. Once we reached the overload bulkhead our setup was as follows: mine the extraction spot and freeze the doors on the wings, mine the overload bulkhead  door we are about to open, and Jim would foam the large door behind for as long as possible, until we advanced. Staying together is essential.

Once DL sniped the first scout, I put down an autosentry on a box facing the overload bulkhead to help us fight/delay everything. It would also provide overwatch as we advanced together and did the same thing for the next rooms - DL snipes, and we clear. Afterwards it's simply a matter of returning to the extraction (picking up the turret on the way back and planting it at extract to assist) and GTFO.

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