Thursday 28 January 2021

Mortal Engines

A tale of hungry cities.

In the future, there is no lack of fuel (despite the plot suggesting otherwise) as mobile cities roam the world looking to eat other cities, but none of this hunger can compare to the ambition of the main villain who must be foiled by a girl driven by revenge and a bumbling fool.

It's just so ridiculous.

While the visual effects and action bits are entertaining, the plot has many question marks for me - everything from stupid decisions to some secondary characters being wastes of space. The main problem for me though was I never bought that they needed to eat other cities for resources which I assume is fuel, not food since no one is starving, yet every new scene just negates this fact.

My favorite is when the regular "bandit" types also use giant vehicles to chase prey. An ok "turn your brain off" flick, I give this two and a half cyborgs out of five. Yeah, I'd probably watch it again.

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