Monday 18 January 2021

Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Because the Roman's can't have all the fun.

Much in the same vein as Roman Empire, this docudrama narrated by Charles Dance focuses on the Ottoman Mehmed and his burning desire to conquer Constantinople from the Romans. Budget wise, this show certainly is in better standing as the sets and costumes aren't "recycled" like in that other show.

War is a dirty business.

Also, there's a decent amount of special effects and fight scenes which gets a thumbs up from me. Unfortunately their method of story telling is an annoying one with way too many flashbacks for my liking. Perhaps that's why there is only one season of it. Or maybe the big cannon blew up their treasury? Whatever the case may be, this makes it only just as good as Roman Empire. I give it two Janissaries out of five.

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