Friday 1 January 2021

Enter the Gungeon

Everything is gun related!

On a quest for a gun that can kill the past, you must pick a gungeoneer to descent into the randomized, bullet hell dungeon and survive the many bullet themed enemies who obviously increase in lethality as you descend.

You literally fight bullets.

The tutorial does a good job of explaining your invulnerability frames too, and you will need it because dying will send you right back to the start! Yep, this is a roguelike - though fortunately there's a button at the end of each floor to save and quit if you (the player) require rest.

Despite being pixely the whole game oozes with theme, especially being able to flip tables to serve as cover. Unfortunately the randomness turned me off a bit (I much preferred God's Trigger), so while this isn't one for me it's certainly worth looking into if you like bullet hell shooters. 2.5 dodge rolls out of 5.

Insight: Unless you are super confident, don't fight bosses with your starting gun.

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