Sunday 10 January 2021

Metal Gear Survive: The First Defense

[Part of the MGS Diary]

Visibility drops considerably inside the wall of dust as does all digital mapping which means its up to me to manually remember the path back out. Worse, the oxygen tank steadily runs out of air while traversing the area - meaning I often have to decide if I should just sprint past wanderers lurking within.

I soon find the first of many teleportation platforms the Charon Corps established here, which would link up to the one already present at base camp. Turning these on to expand our area of operations (thanks to the oxygen concern) is a no brainer, but the sound it makes calls all the wanderers in the nearby area to attack!

Arrows are heavy and wasteful. Should have stuck to the spear.

Luckily I had already prepared a whole set of basic defensive walls for this and while it initially seemed impossible for me to spear them all, the teleporter finished powering up and released a blast of energy that wiped out all the remaining enemies in the vicinity. Apparently, it is enough to simply survive until the countdown expires.

Insight: If the teleporter is destroyed it is the same as if you are killed - you restart at the last save point. This is usually just before you stepped out from base camp so to be most time efficient do the hard/dangerous stuff first before scavenging (in case you die).

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