Friday 8 January 2021


A nice idea with bad execution.

In this platform world of grayscale, Hue (you) the protagonist is on a quest to complete a "magic" color ring. Each color you acquire can be set to become the background color, making any foreground item of the same color "invisible". Need to walk through those blue rocks? Set a blue back ground! Need to push the purple box through the orange wall? Orange background!

Its a puzzle of rainbows.

Pretty cool right? Unfortunately this gets terribly repetitive as the puzzles seem to simply repeat, only with more complexity as you have access to more colors. What really killed me though is the game somehow tied the color wheel button to the ESC / Menu key, meaning I could no longer access the game menu. The plus the repetitive nature of the tasks (which feels just like "busy work", you're moving boxes half the time) means I only give this 1 gradient out of 5. Not worth playing.

Insight: You can only swap colors if you are standing in a color neutral space, so leave gaps when you are moving boxes around to do so.

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