Tuesday 25 August 2020

Shadow (2018)

Someone loves umbrellas.

Eager to take control of a city from a rival but allied kingdom, the commander goes against his king's wishes and requests a duel against the rival general for said city. However, a lot more is at play as it soon becomes evident that the commander is just a body double for the real puppeteer behind the scenes...

You need to fight like a girl!

Now here is a movie that tries too hard to be smart. From the mostly monochrome scenes (because "Shadow"!) to all the posturing politics when its clear that the creator just wanted to have a film that features a fight between a guy with a spear versus a guy with an umbrella. The build up is worth it too, as when it comes to the action this part excels, at least in the duel. When magnified by an army of umbrella users it skids past the line of silly.

Still an entertaining flick for action buffs, but don't expect too much more from it in any other department. I give it 2.5 out banners of 5.


Blaugust Bonus: "How did you get started in content creation?" -Joar

My guild needed a website so I made a really basic one, then I got into a more regular posting regime on my second website which came soon after: "the Hellsing Crucifix" a fan site for the Hellsing anime. Ran out of content to post as that series ended / was delayed so I took up blogging.

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