Wednesday 19 August 2020

GTFO: R3A1 - Resuscitation

Since GTFO is a really tough game I'm writing how my team achieved victory: one map at a time. Hopefully this might be of help to someone but yeah... this will be really slow going! Haha!

Our first map was R3A1 and is a good "tutorial" of the pain awaiting you. The first three rooms are a nice practice zone on how to hammer sleepers without waking the others up. As long as nothing is glowing, you are free to move and kill. Note: killing one while another in the distance is glowing WILL wake him up. Even if they wake up you still have a few seconds to murder it before it can scream and wake the rest of the room.

Room number four is where the path diverges. On our run, there were too many scum so DL opened the door and snipered a few before falling back to the first doorway where Jim, Morphius and myself waited. Getting hordes to funnel makes them easy to shoot. Remember to aim for the head.

Since the alarm door is next (make sure you open the correct one) Jim and DL put their shotgun sentries on the outside of the main door (parallel as to not assist in destroying it) and Morphius froze the door to give the guns more time to kill the wave. It's then standing on top of stupid red circles until the alarm deactivates, and when the enemies do break through they should be weakened and in lesser number.

Up next is the key card room which is always guarded by a tentacle head scout. Ideally I'd sneak this room, without killing anything but since it was too risky - DL simply sniped the scout and we fought the remaining enemies in the chamber by luring them out to the shotgun sentries again.

Once you have the keycard you gain access to the garden room which almost always has sleepers. There's a tight space just on the left near the entrance which is a great place for combat shotgun wielders to hold should things go loud. Afterwards it is the dark "speaker" hall and the large foyer to the cradle room. On our run we managed to just hammer our way through the sleepers.

Another alarm door blocks the way into the cradle room though so this time Morphius iced the outer "speaker" hall door and I did the same with the door between that hall and the cradle room foyer, while both Jim and DL's shotgun sentries were again outside. After two red circles I then rushed the to re-ice the door to buy the team more time to finish the scan sequence. This worked and we could clear the remaining scum.

Second to the last part is to revive the "baby" which came in with you. Before bringing it to the cradle we moved the restocked the sentries, put the last ice near the broken door of the foyer and assigned DL and Morphius to cover fire down the hall while I'd bodyguard Jim who would carry the baby back. Carrying it means he can't run or fight. We also did a "dry run" prior to putting the ice foam (which melts in 3 minutes) so that no one would get lost.

After taking the baby out of the cradle will come the final, endless wave. DL and Morphius did great in keeping the monsters at bay, and I took point with the combat shotty once we moved past them. As one, we made our way back to the drop point - sealing the start door behind us to buy more time. You need to hold the scan area back at the drop point to win.

Big thanks to Morphius who clinched this victory for us, even though that was his first time playing GTFO, his extra DPS was enough to get us to the finish line.


Blaugust Bonus:  "Do you 'finish' games/hobbies/projects and move on or do you come back to the same things again and again?" -Nogamara

Game wise if I like them then yes, I try finish them but otherwise no, and I rarely come back to a game after moving on as well. Projects wise, well... its getting started that seems to be the problem. Need to get past that hurdle before thinking about finishing anything!

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