Friday 21 August 2020


A tale of separation and reunion.

This is what happens when you fall asleep at the wrong time.

Born to an incredibly poor family, five year old thief Saroo (Sunny Pawar) manages to get separated from his family in India through some bad luck and a lot of bad decisions, to the extent that he grows up in Australia. Older Saroo (Dev Patel), despite having lots of supporters alienates them all when he eventually undertakes a personal quest to use Google Earth and try track down his hometown so many years later.

While the movie is sound technically and aesthetically, it does really show the worst of India and it might just be me, but Saroo is portrayed as an idiot for most of the film which didn't really make it easy to cheer him on. Anyway, if you like drama you still might enjoy this. I give it 2.5 trains out of 5.


Blaugust Bonus: "What piece of content would you most like to have a sequel or reboot?" -JamiesVlogUK

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance definitely has earned a season two! Fingers crossed!


  1. I heard lots of good things about this one, but overall it bored me -- and I agree, I didn't like adult Saroo at all, so I had a hard time rooting for him to finally find his way home.

    That said, I did slog through, and the scene where he finally saw his mom again was rather touching, but I can't say that that redeemed the movie as a whole.

    1. Sounds like your experience is the same as mine! :)