Thursday 20 August 2020

GTFO: R3A2 - Purification

And now for the next GTFO walk through which we three manned. This map starts you off near a huge chamber full of vision blocking, poison gas (and usually, giants) so try keep your head above it. The ideal start is being able to sneak along the right wall up a "high road" which can get you to the door to the next chamber and main hub of this map: the generator room. Bonus points if you can quietly nab a power cell in the process. Always plug those into the generateor ASAP (except the last one) to lower the poison fog level.

You'll be spending a lot of time in here, so after hammering the sleepers within take the time to memorize the layout, especially since that huge horseshoe hole is easy to fall in when the fighting starts. There are three other exits from here, and you'll always want to do them in the order of forward, right and left (down the ladder into a pit). All doors have a ready wave of "awake" monsters so prepare before opening.

For the forward and right doors, DL would set the shotgun on the line of their travel - positioned to fire at their backs while Jim foamed the line ahead so the turret would get more shots in. I brought a mine layer and put one bomb per door, because you REALLY need to hold back until the end. We used the generator hub in the center for cover as usually shooters (big shooters) would come out from these two.

From the forward door you'll enter a small circular bit that has doors going left and right. Either will take you to the same huge area and while we normally go right for starters as there's a terminal there you can use to ping stuff, going left has a slightly more important function for later so go left and clear the room. If you follow the right wall from that entry point you'll find another door that leads into a short, dark hallway that leads to a larger area beyond - which usually has both the cell and a lot of enemies.

We used the dark hallway to lure the enemies in and with the standard shotgun sentry to hit their backs and foam the floor in front of it and a closed door for bonus time they got wiped out easily. With the cell plugged in it's time to go to the next area (the right door from the Generator hub) which branches off into two directions. Open both and close the door if you don't like what you see. We got lucky here as one side had the scout and the other didnt, and the side that didn't eventually led to the cell... phew!

At this point we decided to clear the the initial poison room as the lowered fog meant DL had more time to snipe, and luring them back into the generator hub gave a lot more room to fight. The last area is the door in the pit (left from the entry door of the Generator hub) and sometimes really unfair as the scout occasionally spawns back there. Again, on our winning run he's not there.

For this final door DL had the winning tactic of setting up all the way in the cramped dark hallway we already used earlier (through the front door). With some of Jim's foam to assist in buying me time to flee and them closing the few doors as I bolt past the remaining horde is easily put down once they reach our final stand.

Down into the left pit there's always fog residue which will poison you if you duck. There are also ugly spores on the wall that make noises and spit poison if you get too close, just stay away from them. You'll soon find yourself in a big chamber with a terminal near your entry way. There are actually two paths from here: left from the entry way or directly forward to a door hidden in darkness.

Our run brought us forward and into a hallway with a large broken pipe which served as a fantastic defense spot. With DL and Jim on top of the pipe, DL's shotgun turret pointing down the pipe (to hit them in the back) and me waiting with a combat shotgun on the other end of the pipe the next few creatures were easily slaughtered and the final cell retrieved.

Before putting in the final cell, gear up and prepare. You'll need to be able to navigate the generator hub in total darkness (glow sticks to mark the way are handy) and make your way out back to the original drop point. We took the high path we initially used to sneak in and this is where I placed all my last seven mines along the walls. This is because mines explode in the direction of the trip laser, putting it on the floor will only kill the one directly on top. Near our hold spot we placed the shotgun sentry and foam defense as usual, just being careful with the sentry angle so it wouldn't be shooting at us.

When ready, everyone needs to be in the generator hub when you put the last cell in. There is a single security scan red circle thing to stand in and as soon as that finishes and everything goes dark - RUN (obviously along the route with your defenses). You should be able to reach the position and ready your firing line (we actually also planned positions / left-right-center before hand), and get to about 50% completion before any of the scum reach you. Just hold for the remaining time and GTFO. :)


Blaugust Bonus: "Tell us about some of your hobbies outside of the realm of your specific niche." -Solarayo

What specific niche? I blog about everything here! Haha! Well, my least blogged hobby are my music studies so I guess I'll have to start posting videos and giving up even more anonymity. Yeah. That's unlikely to happen.

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