Monday 24 August 2020

GTFO: R3A3 - Bolt

In this final R3A level we really improved our shooting and discovered the "shine" method, where you aim a flashlight at an empty spot and just move it over a group of sleepers so that they all flash at the same time.

After the first two chambers is the important bridge hall which holds the first password terminal. Hammer-bop your way through all of them (good practice), get the password and open the reactor chamber, do any final looting and then type in reactor_startup.

You'll have a little bit of time to then return to the bridge hall and for this, all three of us took firing positions on the right staircase facing the initial chambers with Jim c-foaming a line in front of us. This makes the horde come along the long narrow walkway and prime targets for Jim's Bullpup, DL's DMR, and my Hel Gun - which absolutely tears multiple lined up enemies apart per shot.

Those that get close get Jim's combat shotgun, while DL still carries a sniper for any giants that show up. My secondary was a normal rifle because it doesn't lose damage at range. Once the music stops the wave is over and you can wander back to the reactor terminal to type in reactor_verify [pass] where the [pass] is the four letter code you found in the bridge hall.

Get good at typing and memorizing because stuffing up or running out of time to type the code in means a repeat of the previous wave. This first one is easy though as you have lots of time to do so. Second wave setup is just like the first, piece of cake. As a side note, you can dodge "down" the stairs but try always get back into position or you will encourage the enemy to flank.

After wave two you then need to cross the reactor room and enter the door to the dark backroom which almost always has scum to bop. There are three doors here, the left side and large bottom one enter the important backroom (which needs to be cleared) while the immediate door on the right leads to a long hallway which also loops around to the important backroom.

Depending on the terminal you need, you might be able to skip the long hallway as the other one is immediately behind the left door of the dark backroom. Regardless, you MUST use the time to clear the important backroom NOW, then return to the terminal to setup for wave three. For this I put my auto-turret at the opposite end of the bridge to shoot the wave in the back.

Once that is done pick up the gun and go into the reactor room again, this time to the left dark room. If the password terminal is here or in the next chamber beyond doesn't really matter, you must clear BOTH in the time allotted and then back to the bridge for wave four. Any mines you find should be placed at giant head height at the bridge hall defense.

Afterwards its back to the left dark room and all the way through the security door into the scout chamber, so named because there's always a tentacle bastard in there. Not wasting any time, DL just sniped him and we fought the rest at the door, again with my auto turret support.

A quick loot and then its back to the bridge for wave five, with still the same setup with autogun and foam. Need good shooting here, don't waste the Hel Gun on solo stragglers. After this, you need to RUN and get back to the important back room to do a security alarm.

As prep we iced the bottom door and positioned my autogun and DL's shotgun sentry (finally he gets to put it down) at the door and after one circle Jim is back icing the door for as long as he can. This buys us enough time to finish the scan sequence and head up the stairs to DL's sniper spot which is where we held to kill the incoming wave.

With time still ticking, you must then navigate the misty hall of bullshit to find one of two password terminals, both are on the lower floor. Lucky Jim had a fog repeller to help my navigation. I also could pick a lock for more supplies and get the code before extraction, unfortunately Jim woke something up and we still ended up fighting the room.

With literally seconds to spare we put in the last code and setup whatever remaining gear we had on the bridge. The tail of the last horde has two giant shooters and a few little shooters. We were literally down to hammers for the last little ones but still won!

You then have 30 or so seconds to type in the last code, so while Jim and DL ran to to the drop point for extraction I went the opposite way and typed it in. I think they were already there when I hit enter because as soon as I did, the mission was a success!

Woo! Now it's onto the next floor!


Blaugust Bonus: "How did you get the name that you regularly go by online, and what if anything does it mean?" -MagiWasTaken

My first D&D character.

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  1. hAHA Skyrim is cool game and I really like ghouls and lizards :P