Thursday, 27 August 2020

How to Survive 2: Camp Plateau

[Part of the Diary of Zombies]

With the disease spreading and the quarantine broken, there's no reason for the three of us to hang around anymore so we venture out to try survive in the forest and come across another survivor, Kovac, hiding in an underground bunker who uses a loudspeaker to communicate with us.

He has a crazy plan to build a new and better civilization out here and quickly ropes us into doing the heavy lifting. This involves bashing in the heads of a few infected and doing supply runs into the city to collect bottled water and canned foods.

Kovac isn't interested in hosting the new city in his little bunker though, which seems connected to multiple places. Instead he asks we start building a camp which Jim decides to place on a nearby plateau. At least the zombies here are really slow!

This looks like a good spot!

Insight: There is a food and water gauge in this game. The less it is, the worse you perform. Also, once it is empty you start to die as discovered by DL too engrossed in camp planning. Good thing we carried spares! Expect to run the food run mission A LOT. From my perspective, this is stupid design.


Blaugust Bonus:
"What piece/s of technology would you have the hardest time living without?" -Telwyn

Refrigerator, stove top and laundry machine - in that order. Phones and computers don't even rank.

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