Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Photo Story: Never Adventures (Part 3) - #IntPiPoMo2015

[Part of my photo story folder and part of IntPiPoMo2015!]

Occasionally bad guys get into the city, like this elemental cult.

Good thing heroes that can leap above trees...

And shoot a horizontal line of arrows from a vertical bow are present to protect it.

It also helps that cultists are stupid. They don't even know how to sit.

Or try to talk tough when I'm already targeting them.

Here they are trying to break heavy metal pipes via regular kicks.

I even nearly caught the water cult leader with his pants down.

Guess he needed a mistress that didn't have crabs.

He also should have learned more water attacks since no one knows how to swim.

Fortunately even the dogs of the fire cult were more capable.

And their fire giants were actually dangerous...

Much like their skilled leader. She's one of the best 1 on 1 fights in my book.

Current #IntPiPoMo2015 Count - 30 / 50

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