Wednesday 18 November 2015

Taking it Slow

Sorry for the picture madness as of late. You can blame Chestnut at Gamer Girl Confessions for running IntPiPoMo2015, the more visual cousin of Nanowrimo where the goal is to post 50 screenshots in the month of November. The best way to describe my attempt is via another screenshot from Wizardry Online. :P

Anyway, after what feels like a year of -almost- daily posts I think I'm going to cut down a bit again on the frequency of my posting. Yes, it is draining but more importantly there are other things I want to do too. One of which might ironically be starting up another blog-type site! :P Not sure yet how that is going to pan out if I actually go that route but don't worry, this workshop will still be going - just a little more quietly like it used to be before.

Apparently I'm not the only one either, if this chart is to be believed. This is the number of "active" blogs I've had links to, and my definition of "active" is having at least one post every three weeks. That first 150 is also not accurate, I just noted "150+" in the past so I don't have the actual figure - in reality I think it was more 175-200.

Gone up again to 90ish from IntPiPoMo though!

Speaking of charts, things look pretty glum for most of the games I play on the steamcharts too, which I know doesn't represent the entire player base but still:

Neverwinter Online
Warframe - the exception, seems to be thriving!
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim -Funny to compare the numbers of a single player game to the MMOs

Anywho, to perk up your spirits again I've got youtube links to something called Skill Con which involves a whole slew of random abilities people have and most are pretty cool to watch: Everything from Cardistry to Juggling!

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