Saturday 21 November 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron


That is a pretty good word to describe this. While it probably helps if you know who is who by having watched the many previous linked in movies, and possibly even some of their series, I think you can get by if this is your first foray into the Marvel universe as Joss Whedon weaves a very action packed and entertaining tale. If you are a fan then you'll probably get a kick of seeing a whole slew of minor characters from the other movies appearing here as well.

Fighting. This movie has lots of it. :)

Thor as a comedy character? Yep, it works. Also with a big studio backing it the effects are top notch. Most of the time. One short part of Thor flying looked a bit like the old superman flicks and another bit of Thor fighting was noticeably sped up. Also I have to question why the Black Widow would wear lighted shin and wrist guards, other than to let the audience see her fighting moves in the dark. Yes, there are small fiddly bits if you go poking for them but for the most part it's just pure spectacle and very fun to watch. I give it four and a half attempts at lifting Thor's hammer out of five, and highly recommend it.

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