Monday 23 November 2015

Jurassic World

Proving that people are stupid.

After the disastrous events from the previous dinosaur theme park, a wealthy moron has decided to rebuild not just the park itself but all the attractions - and more! You see people apparently got bored of regular dinosaurs so now they make "new" ones through gene-splicing, often sponsored by big name companies. I had a chuckle at the mention Pepsi-saurus.

As we learned in the Flight of Dragons, reptiles can be reasoned with. :P

Obviously things get loose, people get eaten, and some silly kids continually cause their absent minded carers some heart attacks. To its credit, the CGI is great and everything looks really cool. Also the action pieces, of which there are many, are quite entertaining to watch. There are also lots of throwbacks to the first movie but most were lost on me as it has been way too long since I've last seen it.

Alas, since most of the characters (other than Starlord) are unlikable and due to the dinosaur sized plot holes throughout the movie (where seriously, one phone call could have averted the entire plot [spoiler link]) I can only give this three raptors out of five. Still enough entertainment to provide at least one watch, and I wouldn't mind watching it again. :)

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