Saturday 7 November 2015

Dragons: Riders of Berk

It wasn't till recently that I stumbled across the TV series of How to Train your Dragon entitled Dragons: Riders of Berk. As to be expected, the quality of the textures is definitely not a match for the movie counterparts but the animation, expressions, voice acting and most surprisingly - the story lines are! Extra bonus for having Mark Hamill lend his talents for some episodes!

Also known as Dragons: Defenders of Berk

Taking place right after the first movie the series examines the difficulties faced by the Vikings of Berk by befriending dragons in compact, 25 minute episodes. Yes, most of these are still designed with kids in mind but for me and my wife we still find it very entertaining. Besides - anything with more Hiccup, Toothless and the gang is almost an automatic thumbs up! In fact the only negative I can think of with the first season is the lack lustre "opening".

I was also surprised to find at least five different How to Train your Dragon games floating out there... Alas, the only one I tried entitled "Wild Skies" has something wrong with the texturing in that all organics are very... blue? Lol. Still, for those who are How to train your Dragon fans (*pokes Ravanel*), the TV series might be worth a look. ^_^

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