Friday, 20 November 2015

NWO: Cryptic of Kelemvor [Foundry Review]

[Part of Odd Jobs of Neverwinter.]

Been a long while since I reviewed anything from Neverwinter Online, but with my recent promotion to Foundry Artifex (Rank 6), I got inspired again not only to play more foundries but to create more! This mission was quite helpful in inspiring that, and was made as a comedy during the many changes Cryptic put in during the Stronghold module.

In it, not only do you have to find Rhix the now job-less merchant, but you also have to travel through the gateway to kill leadership armies, acquire a nerf hammer to smash a new class, fight the soulless armies of bots and find a path through the "new content dungeon".

That last bit was the most impressive for me as the design is really cool despite being simple. You can "grind" your way to the top via the large ramps, use the "pay" method and climb the green pillar in the center or simply "bug abuse" and use the clearly visible teleporter to skip to the top, despite the NPC GM telling you not too. All up a pretty fun and funny quest and one definitely deserving of as many stars as it can get. Highly recommended!

Alas, since I didn't take screenshots inside - enjoy this picture of my guildies and I taking down a pair of beholders in our Stronghold instead. :P

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