Monday, 23 November 2015

NWO: Drowned Shore Disembark #ds#

[Part of Odd Jobs of Neverwinter.

Created for the Epic Foundry: Drowned Shore contest, this map showcases a different version of how the Drowned Shore could have been. Starting with Omaha landing style combat, the quest leads you through a lot of patiently, well-crafted environments with well placed traps and a LOT of decor.

One of the few quests (outside of my own) that give you an NPC party.

The slight negatives are that it is a pretty long quest and that English is clearly not the authors' first language but it is very passable. There are also a few bugs like people falling through siege towers and unlabelled containers but again these are easily overlooked. I was most impressed with the water effects during the quest and highly recommend it for everyone to play. It's also easy to find with that "#ds# tag.

It's certainly a good deal better than the repetitive vigilance tasks of the regular Drowned Shore, that's for sure!

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