Monday 9 November 2015

Photo Story: Never Adventures (Part 1) - #IntPiPoMo2015

[Part of my photo story folder and part of IntPiPoMo2015!]

I've always been a fan of table top gaming.

I'm also a collector of board games!

So it's no surprise that I found my way to Neverwinter Online.

Here I found some familiar faces.

Lord Neverember rules the city without ever sitting down.

He used to have a huge statue of himself in the plaza too.

But that's since been replaced by a magical tree.

Nearby floats the Moonstone Mask, a tavern full of those people your parents warned you about. Yup, it's full of role players. :P

Regardless, for the time being this city is my home.


  1. Awww, the little hamster is so cute!

    1. He's not a "little" hamster. He's a miniature giant space hamster! (Seriously) Still cute though! :P