Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Neverwinter Online: Rage of Demons

I'm in the minority of people pretty happy with it.

Yes, there is only one new town zone and there are only new open world Heroic Encounters (HEs) and Skirmishes to partake in. The quest line by R.R. Salvatore is too short, and apart from the voice acting and some new models and map(singular?), is around the level of the better foundry works. My brother actually likened it to my stuff but he might be biased. :P

I need to learn how to do cut scenes...

The short quest line also reuses maps half of which were stolen segments from the long lost dungeons the other people have been asking for, but I feel what is needed is MORE quest lines like this. Yah, sure Drizzt is around it doesn't matter. For me storytelling is a big part of Dungeons and Dragons and simply grinding the same dungeons over and over is my definition of "not a good time".

But what about grinding HEs and Skirmishes? Those I don't mind too much. It really comes down to a matter of time. When you queue for Dungeons you can be waiting a long while before you even enter an instance and then if your team is undergeared, not playing optimally, or simply unlucky it could take even longer to get out of the place with a reward in hand for time spent. On epics you sometimes don't even leave WITH a reward if you can't complete the dungeon!

While HEs have no queue because you just show up, Skirmishes do but the player skill requirement in them is much lower (so far) which leads to more successes and most importantly these two have timers. Win or lose, it will take 15 minutes. The end. Having a quantifiable amount of time is important. You can plan other things around it or have a good indication of when you will be free.

Throw in that you can get currencies and rewards for doing a variety of things, this mod gets a big thumbs up from me. Bonus points for all the cool demon fights too!


  1. The module is pretty decent I though too, the quest line is a bit short but it's fine. I expected more quests but can't say I'm too sad to not have daily quests, at least now you don't have to go every day if you want to advance.

    Now there's only one currency and you can get as much as you want in a day, so really useful if you can play a lot more some days only.

    I wasn't sure about the rewards, but some of the equips are pretty good, just needed to find them.

    1. Good to see I'm not the only one who feels this way. :)

      Should also point out for those that don't know - if you go into the Campaign window (that's the flag icon on the top menu), there's a button on the bottom left "Show Rewards" or something which lets you sort all the equipment by campaign, and if you hover your mouse over said items there's usually a clue as to where that item can be acquired. :)