Wednesday 4 November 2015

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

A bloody rendition in an alternate universe!

So straight up, I'm not sure why Bruce, Clark and Diana even made it to the cover of the box because they are NOT present here AT ALL. Instead we get Mexican Superman Hernan who is the son of Zod, Bekka the red haired amazon and Kirk who unlike Bruce, has no gadgets but makes up for it by being an f*ing vampire. Not sure how the "League" was formed with just three members, but it doesn't matter as the public hate them anyway.

Why? Because they kill bad guys. Yep. Because they KILL. And that is what makes it bloody awesome. After adjusting from the off-balance of this alternate universe, I was quite entertained by what ensued. The story is passable and gives each of the three their own little back story of how they came to be and the art is of regular Justice League level, but the action sequences are what got me. Yes, there are somewhat "generic" bad guys but boy is there a lot of onscreen killing, stabbing, immolation and such and that gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Confirmed: Best status to inflict on an enemy is "death".

Honestly the violence and Michael C. Hall (Dexter) voicing Batman are the only two things this has going for it. I just hope they can continue the story since they did kill off a heck of a lot of people in this one movie. Given the character list available to them though, it shouldn't be a problem. This one is definitely worth a watch, and one I wouldn't mind watching again a few times. I give it three alternate heroes out of five.

I should also note there are three, six minute clips focusing on each of the new alternate heroes. Not really a lot happening in them nor is six minutes enough time to get invested into the action but if you like the movie, you'll probably like those too (though technically you should watch them -first-). :P

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