Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sunset Six: That's Just Lovely

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

Before jumping into the last discipline I thought I'd talk about a few other things first. For example: Offline chores. Once you've manually done something enough times you can start doing it while you are offline too, which I thought is pretty cool.

Travel time is used to power chariot fast travel.

I also like the idea that players can build working ferries (which move faster than swimming) and trade posts which are the only way to actually "trade" between two players. Otherwise you either drop stuff on the floor that anyone can pick up or directly give someone something. They don't even get to say yes or no, they just get the item. I also like the notion of player built "Welcome Banners".

When creating a new character you can warp 20 times in the first four hours to any of the ones already built. Another cool thing is being able to randomly run into the Pharaoh (lead developer) himself!

Of course there are also things I dislike, such as quarries needing two to four people to run, and balancing the temperature of a glazier's bench to form sheets of glass only to have it crack and disintegrate until your glass fabrication level increases a bit. How does it increase? Through practice and many broken sheets of glass! The last thing for this post I dislike is not really something that's difficult, just something that's yucky: making saltpeter which is used in quite a few things. Behold the secrets of its acquisition!

I'm sure it smells lovely.


  1. Sheetglass. Oh, how I loathe sheetglass. I did four glazier benches at a time in my heyday and it was still so effing boring.

    And worse is the immense amount of material grind (hurrah, limestone gathering, then preparation into lime via firepits) just to -get- to grind sheetglass even more,

    And glassblowing, ugh, same amount of grind for glass rods, which one promptly blows up in less than 60 seconds due to lag and inexperience. *sighs*

    1. Ack! Four!? Where were you getting your charcoal from? The other four furnaces running also at the same time? :P

      Very true about the material grind too, this game has it in spades.