Friday 9 October 2015


Surprisingly, fits the title.

This is a tale of good vs evil on the smallest of scales, which for me made me feel "ho-hum" right at the get go - but upon starting it up was instantly drawn in by the absolutely gorgeous art in this film. Yeah, unlike the environment the characters are a bit cartoony but they are filled with good animation and tons of expression. There are good themes for kids here like the daughter trying to reconnect with her estranged, slighty crazy dad and the reckless orphan who needs to learn about duty. I quite like that even the "bad" guy quite obviously loves his kid.

Yes it is.

Surprisingly though, there is a fair amount of death! And not just of the "oh, that guy got killed" variety but the type where people are working through loss. That... yeah that slightly makes it a non-kiddie movie. Also, if you are taking the scientific approach to things then there are many holes here you won't like. Time altering glasses would probably make the top of your list if all the fairies don't. :P

Anyhow, despite that I ended up quite liking it, wouldn't mind watching it again, and give it four leaf men out of five. 

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