Saturday 17 October 2015

Double Neeson: Run all Night and Non Stop

Run all Night

An estranged father has one night to mend bridges with his kid. And kill all the bad guys.

Liam Neeson is an aging and retired hit man who happens to be best friends with mob boss Ed Harris. Unfortunately the sons of these two guys get into dispute and ultimately force them to fight each other because, hey - it's more entertaining that way, and way more violent. Liam is back in his "Taken" level of skill which is fantastic as he tries to protect his unappreciative kid. It's a simple enough story backed by good actors and good camera shots.

Get off my lawn.

Is it too simple a story though? I literally summarized the entire film in those few sentences, so maybe. You can also expect the mandatory car chase sequence and bad guys with terrible aim as per usual. Still worth a watch for Liam fans or action buffs though. I give it three people in the wrong place at the wrong time out of five and wouldn't mind watching it again.



Every 20 minutes, someone dies. And 20 minutes goes fast with editing! :P

Liam Neeson finds himself on a plane that is being hijacked by a very sneaky bastard. Can he find the bad guy in time before something bad happens!? The story is pretty simple and surprisingly clean in this one, despite how tricky the "who is the bad guy" aspect tries to be - and there are quite a few people to keep the audience guessing for the majority of the flick. I also quite like that almost the entire movie takes place on a plane, and that the actors all around fit their parts well. Also good to see Corey Stoll in something outside the Strain (a series I quite enjoy).

Dr. Goodweather taking a break from strigoi...

I do have to raise a point about the questionable physics towards the end, but since most of the science breaking stuff is bundled up in a small pile towards the end and goes by pretty fast I can almost look past it. Almost. Unfortunately due to the thriller aspect I can't really say more than that without giving anything away so I'll wrap up here. I quite enjoyed this film and would definitely watch it again. For any action fans, or Neeson fans, or Taken fans you will probably enjoy this film too. All up I give it three airplanes out of five.

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