Friday 16 October 2015

Sunset Six: Guessing Games

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

Time to tackle a new discipline, this time that of Harmony which is meant to involve you being in touch with the rest of your fellow Egyptians but really plays more like a guessing game half the time. Still, it is perhaps the easiest discipline to clear - especially if you are at the start of the tale (which I'm not, doh). Let's have a look at some of these tests.

In the Test of Promotion, you simply build a list of players (at the rate of one a week) and should any of them advance in rank (not level - meaning they must be passing tests), you gain points. More when they reach higher ranks. Similarly, the Test of Chains has you building a list of married couples (in game) which builds points if both spouses gain a level during the week. Slightly more complicated because if they don't they drop from the list and you cannot reuse them.

The Test of Reason and the Test of the Critic are also similar in that you must judge both puzzles (Reason) and artworks (Critic) across the land to gain points. You get more points if your view lines up with the majority of other voters and it's a pretty good method to ensure non-biased voting.

Each week you can also see how balanced you are.

The Test of the Freeman is another guessing game where you guess the percentage of votes each law will get during ballot time. Laws in Egypt are pretty interesting in that they are player made, and if enough people sign the petition for it - it makes it to the ballot draw. Should enough people then vote on it, the developers actually put in code to enforce it. That's pretty damn cool for user generated content.

Probably should have lowered my guess on Useless Law to 0%.

Sample of a petition I made.

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