Monday 19 October 2015

Pound of Flesh

Steal from Van Damme and lets see what happens.

While in the Philippines (which in many shots looks a lot like China), Van Damme uses the wrong head and wakes up to find he has been robbed... of an organ! Naturally this leads him on a quest of vengeance to retrieve what was taken from him. While JCVD is still in good form with flexibility he is definitely not as fast as he used to be but it still makes for an entertaining enough watch to see him beat down the bad guys while supposedly in a "weakened" condition.

Yeah, anyone can do that after major surgery.

Story wise it's ok enough but there are a few characters that could have been excluded or minimized in the telling, Van Damme's American brother being my number one culprit. I also don't agree with their final decision (which basically lets the bad guy win) in the movie making it an even weaker outing than it was already. All up I give it one and a half roofies out of five and only can recommend this to Van Damme fans. Would I watch it a second time? No.

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