Saturday 24 October 2015

Sunset Six: Cover your Cartouche

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

The last of the Leadership tests that involves voting is a strangely named the Test of the Covered Cartouche. I also quite like that there is a warning that "Numerous people have quit the game over this test in past tales," and can see why. First of all you sign up at a University, when the test appears (which is rare) and hope enough other people did the same. If there aren't enough, or you are the odd duck out, tough luck you miss out. Once you are in a group of twelve you are tasked as a team to construct a ceremonial voting booth which requires more than a few, high end materials and cut gems.

Does it really need to look that fancy?

Once done, it's every man for himself in the alternating build and voting rounds. During a build phase, everyone is tasked with building one of the many doohickeys associated with this test, individually. You can construct it anywhere and more importantly, you can increase the size of it by however much you are willing to afford, materials wise. Whoever builds the smallest doohickey is eliminated. In case of a tie for smallest, one of them is eliminated randomly.

Some of the doohickeys.

The voting rounds is where the drama llama can really appear I think. Not so much in my experience during this late game though as people specifically sign up as fillers for others to pass, but I can see that when that drive is there to "win" you'd probably vote out the person who is building the best stuff, or has the most materials, or you simply don't like. The person with the most votes is eliminated, or in case of a tie, one is eliminated randomly.

If everyone is too nice and no one votes? EVERYONE IS ELIMINATED. Yep. No being nice here!

Unfortunately since I encountered this test early I goofed on the second build round since I didn't know how to get leather. For future reference, you nab a wild sheep, shove it in a pen where it can't escape then murderize the f*** out of it and take the loot.

Nice that some of my old MMO skills are still handy. :P

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