Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Stonehearst Asylum

Really pales compared to Arkham Asylum. :P

In this thriller, a young doctor arrives at an isolated asylum in hopes to take up residency. It's not long before he discovers that not all is as it seems. The setting is pretty cool, the patients are nice and crazy, and while there are some decent actors here (nice to see Kate Beckinsale again, though I preferred her as a leather clad vamp :P) I found the main "hero" to be a bit weak. Especially against Ben Kingsley's character who actually steals the show for me.

We're all a little bit crazy!

While the intrigue did keep me interested, the story kinda falls apart at the end which is a pity. Also, if you watch this expecting a horror story you will be very disappointed. If anything it's closer to a love story. It's an interesting enough flick to watch, as long as you don't expect anything great from it. All up I give it two and a half inmates out of five and isn't something that really inspires a second viewing.

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