Tuesday 20 October 2015

Sunset Six: Highs and Lows of Papyrus

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

I think the discipline of Leadership holds the most number of tests that can spawn the drama llama. It is also most likely where you will first encounter the need for papyrus paper which is made by passing it through a paper press so lets take a quick look at that elusive plant first.

Papyrus and Paper Press

Early in the game, there are supposedly some "wild" papy just out there waiting to be harvested but now - all those are gone. To grow more, someone has to toss seeds into the water and after a number of minutes the plants will start growing a fair distance North of their original spot. Anyone can pick them up. If the planter isn't the generous type: queue drama llama! The planter can also grow them in water tanks which is a little bit eerie.

Attack of the Clones?

How do you get seeds? Well, you need a papy plant! A wild papy plant too, not one of those strange, seedless, cloned ones. Are you starting to see the Catch 22 here? Once you find one of these things you need to dry it to get seeds, but you can't just dry it anywhere. Drying it at sea level (where you plant it) will yield zero seeds. You need to hike up the tallest mountain you can find and dry it there to get some results. Once again Jeromai from Why I Game has a good post on this topic if you want to learn more.


  1. Man, your coverage makes me miss the desert, but I -know- I have zero time to devote to grinding in virtual Egypt right now...

    1. Hehe, thanks Jeromai - that means I must be doing something right! :D