Thursday 22 October 2015

Sunset Six: Powers of Power

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

Now that we have paper we can do some Leadership tests! It occurs to me that many of them also rely on a voting system so lets go with those ones first. In the Test of the Demipharaoh, players "compete" every month to earn the titular name, and the perks that go with it. Once signed up you are put into a pool of seven people and you have three or so days to convince the majority of them to vote for you. Winners advance into the next pool (pools that end in ties means everyone there loses) and so on, until only two are left at which point the whole of Egypt gets to vote on the winner. Often, there are also public debates that happen as well.

No prizes in guessing who I voted for.

A player who becomes demipharaoh gains the ability to exile (ban) seven other characters for the rest of the Tale. When you consider that this Tale has been going on for a number of years now you can see how much that can hurt. Furthermore, as long as they have at least one exile power remaining, they themselves cannot be banned. Yep, GMs don't need to do the banning around here so you need to behave! Even now during the sunset, this is one highly contested position.

Similarly there is the Test of Hegemon which involves candidates building tables across all the regions and then getting the residents of those regions (you can elect where your home region is) to vote for them. Whoever holds the most votes in the most regions wins the position of Hegemon. This one is pretty easy to win during the late game as again, there is no competition.

Still need more than zero votes though.

A Hegemon has the power to enable any one character to play the game for free for one month. Obviously with the whole thing currently (Tale 6) being free to play, there's not much of a perk there at the moment. The last test I'll talk about today is a nice one: the Test of Mentorship. To pass, you need seven people to build shrines to honor you as their mentor. Also, each player can only build one shrine (as in, ever). Definitely not going to pass this one, but it wasn't hard for me to decide whom to build a shrine to.

Too bad I couldn't build a small one for his cat.

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