Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Double Space: Infini and Interstellar


Featuring teleporting with seizures!

In the future, 95% of the world is in poverty. How is that important? It isn't really. Stupid introductory text! In any case, mankind has progressed a lot in the exploration of space managing to practically teleport across vast distances via "slip streaming" using some grafted technology. A clever way to get around requiring space ships in the film, though it does come with some "BS time dilation" jargon which one of the characters in the film actually lampshades.

Any who most of the film focuses on one guy's disastrous first day on the job which sees him sent to the most distant, abandoned space outpost. Another squad is then sent to retrieve him but things go really bad when it's discovered there's something else out there with them. I have to say it's a pretty gripping thriller at the start, where you don't know what the hell is going on but as things become more clear it sort of loses traction a little and at some points even becomes silly (intentionally, judging how some scenes are cut).

Trippin balls in space.

This is one of those films that I feel could have been made a lot better if it did "x" (like a better focus on fighting) but for what it does do - it's pretty good, and it does make sense at the end why the combat isn't really the main focus of the story. I'm not going to give it away here, so if you like futuristic space thrillers then I think this is at least worth one watch. Expect to have a few unanswered questions though! Personally, I'd actually watch it again and give it three manual overrides out of five.



A lesson in relativity.

It's the future and the Earth is dying from simple starvation as crops simply lose viability. It's up to Matthew McConaughey and the remnants of NASA to find a new home for the human race. Right off the bat this is a high quality production from the much required and well done CGI and the experienced "big name" people that might even just show up for ten minutes of screen time. There are also lots of quiet moments, musically but these work well for the scenes they are used and are a nice contrast to the rest of the orchestral sound track.

Keep an eye out for them aliens.

Yes, much like the deus ex machina wormhole there are holes in the plot too, especially on the science end I would imagine (I wouldn't know though, not really my field) and the last section really just goes ultra weird but for me anyway it tied everything together decently (though not perfectly). Despite all that this is a bloody enthralling movie despite the long run time and one I would definitely watch again. I give it four gravitational pulls out of five and would definitely like to watch it again. Also, props to having a unique idea for robot design!

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