Monday 26 October 2015

Sunset Six: Here's Hoping

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

The final three Leadership tests don't involve any voting systems but the theme of "hoping people do what you want" continues to ring true. In the Test of Plantation, you are tasked with building said plantation and then growing and storing the most cocoa to pass. A tree can only be harvested once every day. The real catch is that every time you plant a tree, you are asked to name a player. From then on ONLY that player can tend the tree. You cannot name yourself.

No tending your own farm.

In the Test of Coalition you have a week to either join or create your own coalition and then edit the agenda to match the list assigned to you. If you are the sole member this is easy as you can change them at will, but if not you can only change one stance per day and will probably have other players doing the same. Coalitions with the -most- members gain points for said members, with scores varying to how closely the final agenda matched your own. The highest scoring players pass. During this late game however, this is an easy test.

Some interesting agenda ideas in there. Too bad it's blurred. :P

Finally we have the Test of the Bureaucrat which again requires highest individual points to pass. It also seems to be built for the specific purpose of trolling others and creating drama. At least it gives you fair warning with a pretty decent description when you pick it up.

Ho ho ho.

Every day you get 1 point for yourself and 1 point for each person under you, meaning the top dog gets a lot of points. If you seize control the top dog is immediately you. Too bad about anyone not under you though.

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