Friday 1 March 2013

There can be only One

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Baron Flynt detected my arrival at the Salt Flats early and egged me on to come face him. I guess he was a little pissed I've been killing his dudes. Not wanting to disappoint I drove right up to his base, a huge abandoned mining machine, killed his vehicle patrols and base guards then went up to kill his bodyguards and finally him too. Even his rocket revolver couldn't stand up to me. However it was then that I learned I had been betrayed - the self appointed Baron didn't have any artifacts at all!

Commandant Steele or the Crimson Lance radioed in to clear up any confusion, stating Dr. Tannis was working for her. Marcus was wondering who had been supplying the good doctor since it wasn't him. Anyway Steele hoped that Flynt and I would eliminate each other but seeing that I'm alive, she just warned me to stay away before shutting down the communications of the entire region. Obviously that wasn't going to happen. I had planted a bug on Tannis the first time I met her, only an idiot would "give" away artifacts freely.

The blips led me to a heavily fortified Lance outpost. Fortunately there was a convenient "back door" cave nearby which I opted to use instead of the frontal attack. The cave was crawling with spiderants but they weren't that troublesome for my autorifle. I had to switch to my autopistol when I neared the Lance facility though since Master McCloud and two of his buddies attempted to stop me. The trio put up a good fight, but in the end I was the last one standing (and not a melted pile of goo on the floor).

I should have gotten a Quickening!

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